I was tired today and so my workout was late and not very pretty . I don’t like to work out at night but didn’t have a choice, so blasted out a quicke of 18 rounds/30 second side jump lunge intervals and did my 1000 club burpees.

As i did my 730th burpee this mont, I remembered how in January of 2010 I was forced to quit 1000 club push ups because of my recently broken, still healing wrist. I didn’t have the strength or flexibility to get past 743. 🙁 I finished my sit ups and back extensions, but had to stop the push ups.

Though i am still working on my form and depth, i did my 750th burpee today!  Its taken me 2 years to gain back the strength & flex I once had in my right wrist, and I feel so fortunate to have it back. To be able to do 1000 burpees in one month, for me, is a big victory.

Congrats to Dana of the Rudgear Class and Jen of the Danville class on their 1000 Club finish. Please post your progress and your completions in the comments, all submissions must be sent to info@gumsaba.com on or before 2/3/11. Please list the exercise(s) and the number of reps completed.

🙂 Coach M