Hope you all enjoyed yesterdays dumb bell arm killer. Fortunately todays workout is bodyweight! YAY! Remember to sign in to groupme and post when you start and finish this workout. It is SO important for us to stay motivated and in touch during these crazy times.
Today is a great day to remember all those times where you needed a break, or wanted to have the time to learn something new. One fun activity that you may have seen me post on social media is the
16 personalities test. Try it, it only takes a few minutes and it tends to be spot on! Learning something new for 15 minutes every day keeps your brain healthy and growing. Share your ideas in the comments or on our social media.
Enjoy your workout and cheers to commuting to another day of shelter in place to flatten the curve.
Hugs, Coach Michelle
Gumsaba Outdoor Boot Camp – HIIT Body Weight Humpday
Equipment: You will need a mat, band, and a sturdy place to do step ups for this workout!
Part 1: Warm Up: 10 each
Shin Grabs – Hip Rolls – Hip Hinges – Calf Raises – Toy Soldiers – Samson Stretches
Part 2: Bands on thighs, 1X 
20 Squats
40 High Knees 
10 Squats
20 Hi Knees 
10 Supermans 
Part 3: Bodyweight HIIT Set your timer for 20 seconds work /10 seconds rest for 42 rounds total, which means you will run through this set 3X.
Push Ups
V Ups 
Hi Plank Knee Tucks
Boat Pose
Jumping Jacks
Speed Punches
Alternating Front Kicks 
Glute Bridge Marches
Hi Plank Shoulder Taps
Low Plank Body Saw
Low Plank Hold 
Part 4: 3X
6e Sprinter Start
6 Burpees
6e V Crunch
6 Get Ups (mod navy seal up)
12 Step Ups
Part 5: Stretching – Hold 1 min. each side
Quadruped T Spine Twist
Down Dog
Forward Bend
Quad Stretch
Deltoid Stretch