Hello Ladies

This marks our 1/3 part of the journey of the Holiday Challenge. Wonderful things are happening with so many of you, id like to congratulate Robin on adopting 2 kitties!

I have looked over all of your entries and will be sending you an email this Friday letting you know about your points and how many you have so far.

We have 3 events ongoing:

  1. Help a family through STAND AGAINST DOMESTIC VIOLENCE. Read about this on the blog – all you need to do is give a gift card for $25 or $50 increments to me by 12/3. We are going to turn them all in together and give as a group. You can get their tax id and all other info at http://gumsaba.com/bootcamp/take-a-stand/

2. “Sponsor A Turkey” at Farm Sanctuary this Thanksgiving! Read more at http://gumsaba.com/bootcamp/adopt-me/

3. Bake cookies with us for needy families for Tri Valley Haven
We are phase one, gingerbread cookie bakers on Friday 12/3 from 6-9.  Sign up please… we only have 2 of us and we need more!
Please sign up at http://www.signupgenius.com/index.cfm?go=c.SignupForm&id=58488

Learn more about the cookie bake at: http://www.trivalleyhaven.org/index.html

Also, don’t forget, the Gumsaba Weekend Trailblaze is 11/28. Read more and sign up here:

All the best,

Coach Michelle