Im turning 40 next week (YEAH!), and while some people don’t enjoy the idea of flipping a decade, I’m cool like that! In high school I took career planning and at the end of the semester we took a career test. It recommended I work in a service business. Well, here I am, and its not a all what I pictured, its WAY better! Im a coach at heart and feel very honored to call it my career.

Each day I have the privilege of witnessing amazing people LIKE YOU become better by challenging themselves and each other. The camaraderie,  happy faces and the pure joy that you all exude while doing hard work is incredibly inspiring (come on, you LOVE burpees)!

I do not regret growing older – it is a privilege denied to many. While we are young, lets work to honor our bodies with a good sweat EVERY DAY. Enjoy this DIY workout and happy sweating!

🙂 Coach Michelle

moraga boot camp

Moraga Boot Campers putting the ON in mONday!

Met Con mONday DIY

You will need a timer, your mat, free weights and a jumprope.

Part 1: Warm Up well with your band – if you don’t have one do dynamic warm up like we do at class. 

Part 2: Full Rom Set – Perform 3 Rounds

10 Squats

8 push ups 

6 Push Presses

4 Get ups

Part 3: Metcon AMRAP – 14 Minutes (complete as many rounds as you can in 14 minutes)

40 Pulsing Push Ups

20 Walking Lunge & Curl

10 Sumo Hi Pulls

5 Double Unders (or 50 high knees) 

Part 4: Perform 3 Rounds

30 Slow Bicycles

20 Ab Burners

10 V Ups


Part 5: Cool Down Jog and Stretch Posterior Chain, Hips & Chest static 30 sec/side