Hello Ladies

What a great week we are having! Each day I am more grateful for all of you Gumsaba Campers! I honestly can’t imagine a better way to spend my time than with women who want to be their best. You all ROCK.

I’ve learned more in the past few days, both about myself and about my friends, than I’ve learned in some time. I have a whole new perspective on pain for sure, but more than that, I have realized just how much the people in my life mean to me. Who would have thunk that scalding myself with hot water would give such gifts?!

Though my workouts have changed this week, they have not stopped. I’m not going to let a little burn get in the way of my 1000 burpees that is for sure. These videos are for you – and they really are about making lemonade when you are thrown (scalding hot) lemons! Jen F has been interested in hitting a heavy bag, so Jen, enjoy the video of me beating the lemons out of that bag. I can’t use my legs, but that just means my arms will get much faster.

Much Love & Respect for you all,

🙂 Coach M

1/26/11 - The Gumsaba Sunrise Class kicks butt all year round! Weather Schmether.