Surprise! IT’S MONDAY!

I just had an incredibly rejuvenating vacation in Tahoe and I’m so excited to get back after it. My clients, my routine. my amazing BED!

While on vacation I spent most of the time in nature, which always helps the mind connect back to what really matters. A backpacking trip to the Desolation wilderness started the journey. It had it’s ups (we packed in 6 miles and camped at 9000′ in the snow) and it’s downs (Marcus managed to split his head chasing a marmot before dawn so we “headed” right down). It was truly exhilarating. It was, well, it was living.

So yeah, we had to come out of the wilderness sooner than planned due to Marc’s antics. Camping in the snow was flipping FREEZING, so we were not totally bugged, but the time spent there was just glorious. In a few words, it was minimalist, survivalist, gritty, clean, quiet, natural, cold and so gosh darn awesome. It defined inspiring.

What amazes me most about this precious and unpredictable life is how curiously fleeting each moment is. With one small choice or act we change the course of our future. It is both terrifying and empowering to comprehend the fact that the words I am typing now will have an affect on the future.

It’s easy to get caught up in the how much and who’s who of life when we are inundated with the buzz of everyday living. What I realize when I go out into nature is that none of that shit matters one bit in the greater scheme of the universe.

There is a giant Milky Way that you cant see unless you get way the hell out and up to see it. So walk. WORK. Get the heck up there! Get to a place where you can see above the fray and into the great expanses of possibility. Whether that means a crazy backpacking trip, a job you don’t think you can get, a workout you don’t think you can do or something that has been calling you for life but you haven’t done it…TAKE THE LEAP. Nothing is perfect, so don’t wait for a moment. Make that moment, now.

“Many of us crucify ourselves between two thieves – regret for the past and fear of the future.”  – Fulton Oursler

Cheers to you. The future is what you make it!

:) M