You know that person…someone who is just a joy to be around, who always looks on the bright side and takes your state of mind up just being in their presence. Chances are that didn’t come easily. Chances are that person has worked to see the bright side through a dark time or two.

Every time something happens “to you”,  look toward the bright side. In short, it could ALWAYS be worse. Don’t ever ask “what now”, unless you really want to know. Here are a few tricks and thoughts – some that I have taught myself, some learned from others. They can go pretty far in the way of  getting  you through tough times if you practice them, and even bring some laughter when you otherwise might just cry…

  1.  Some people are doing harder things without legs (or arms, or in a while sitting in a wheel chair)
  2. Make the face you want to have!
  3. Anything worth having is going to take everything I’ve got.
  4. Everything is worth more when you have worked hard to get it.
  5. Life is short, why waste time worrying?
  6. When in doubt, do more. (that means reps, when you forget what number you are on:)
  7. Take a nap when you are tired.
  8. Enjoy the process, tomorrow will soon be yesterday so don’t just let time slip away because it isn’t perfect.

I hope these little gems bring you some light when you find yourself in the dark. Remember, it only takes one little candle to brighten the darkness.

To your health,

Coach Michelle