Many of you have heard me talk about the awesome Boot Camp I teach at CytoSport in Benicia. I took video and some photos to show off our new Gym!

CytoSport is the creation of the Pickett family. I had the privilege of growing up with the Picketts because Nikki, their youngest, was my bestie! I got this awesome gig because Nikki wanted to come to boot camp, but her busy career and family life could not allow her to make it out, so she brought me to them. I feel SO FORTUNATE to work for the Pickett family and with the Cyto Team, they are a wonderful company and the office/warehouse has a great can do vibe. Its a real pleasure to be there 3 days a week.

Thank you Nikki for this great opportunity, to the Pickett family for creating such a great brand, and to the employees for kicking butt at Boot Camp and taking it to a new level every time we meet!