As though we didn’t know…

There is something really special about exercising outdoors. Feel the sun on your skin, the dirt under your feet, your senses on high alert. We didn’t need research to know that we feel better working out in our wide open outdoor playground called Boot Camp.

Our gym has no walls and a blue sky! GO GUMSABA!

Our gym has no walls and a blue sky! GO GUMSABA!

It turns out there is science behind our craving for the great Outdoor workout. Those of us who exercise outside know the wonderful feeling it gives you. The fresh air, the views, the grit; I have often seen the outdoors bring out that special something in a person. Even people who “hate” to workout have been transformed by the open air gym that is Gumsaba! Even I tried going into a gym over the New Year, I got a free 3 day pass to the Studio in Danville and thought it would be a good idea to experience the other fitness offers in the area. What a beautiful facility! They really pamper you there, you don’t have to bring anything with you, they even provide the water.  But personally, if I wanted to be pampered, I go to the spa and do it up. I’ll trade an awesome dirty sweaty workout in the outdoors for a good indoor workout any day. Don’t we spend enough time indoors anyway?

Here’s a great link to an article in the NY TIMES MAGAZINE that a few Boot Campers passed on to me. It’s a quick read, but it gives us a nice confirmation that we aren’t (completely) crazy for loving our Outdoor Boot Camp workout!


So now get outside and do this DIY! Check our YOU TUBE PAGE for details on the exercises.

10 Burpees

10 Squats

10 Lunges

10 Flying jacks

10 dips

400 M Run

4 rounds