Recently I realized there were some little changes I could make to alter my perception of time –  I seem to put quite a lot on my plate I’m always looking for more time. A little preparation goes a long way toward making your tasks, your life, your goals, more manageable.  When we are prepared for what lies ahead we are inherently relaxed.

An accumulation of stressors lives within all of us. Adding more by being unprepared for the future is not good for your health.  Try some of these exercises and see if you can unload stress this week:

1) Detail your calendar for the week ahead – schedule workouts and meals too! Look at how much spare time is on your calendar. Give yourself a goal for the week and pencil it in during the time you usually sit on the couch! Use a pencil and record changes.

2) Take a half hour during the weekend to get the busy work you have on your calendar done NOW. Things come up and having free space on your calendar makes breathing room!

3) Don’t go crazy off schedule during the weekend if you can help it. Keep waking and resting times about the same as the week. Keep meal times the same too.

4) Keep a clean house  – both your computer desktop, your emails and your home. We do laundry every few days in the evening so its not a weekend project.

5) When you are resting, actually REST. Watching a super stressful TV show, or working on a project for a full day is not rest. Take out at least 10 minutes to let your mind totally rest. Be still, play some calming music, stare at the clouds, whatever, but take time to actually RELAX. Listen to your breath, feel your beating heart. Be simple. This time is crucial to your health.

Can’t wait to see your smiling wonderful faces at camp tomorrow!

The Boot Camp workouts for Monday are as follows:

Danville 5:30am and Rudgear 9am TRX interval training.

Moraga AMRAP Strength and Cardio sets

CytoSport Boot Camps: High Intensity Interval Training




I love this picture of Sherry on Aimees back. They were prepared for Tough Mudder Training #4!