From Coach Karen, all are welcome!

This Saturday, some of us will be running in the Global 6K for Water in Danville.  If you are running this race and I haven’t seen you recently, can you let me know so I know who will be attending from bootcamp.  (We always have to take our official GUMSABA photo)  :)

I will plan to be at Del Amigo, where we park for the track workouts, at 8:10am.  I am happy to take some people with me as a carpool.  If you would like a seat in my car, please let me know.  I’m a bit limited because I have my son’s car this weekend.

Let’s plan to meet as a group at the Danville Starbucks on Hartz prior to the race, 8:45 or so.   We can take our group photo and warm up together.  If you have a running skirt let’s wear them:)  I am also planning on running in my running club t shirt, but any shirt is fine.

1) Other than the Danville 5:30am class, please let me know if you are running.
2) Let me know if you want to carpool into Danville.  I have 3 seats available.
3) Have a great rest of your week.
4)  Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

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Coach Karen