Thank you to everyone who ZOOMED in today! I’ve put up some shots of the workout thanks to Tim. It was AMAZING to have interaction with all of you. For some reason, Zoom did not record like it should have, so I have Michael running boot camp for you today, and I will do todays workout and record it for you tomorrow! 🙂 Still working out the kinks.  I will be emailing you for more feedback, already got some great stuff from some of you. Thank you so much for your participation; together we will make it through this and keep our sanity.

Enjoy this workout with Coach Michael today! XO, M

Gumsaba Outdoor Boot Camp – Long Shot

Equipment: Mat

Part 1: 10 each 

Calf Raises – Sampson Stretches – Shin Grabs – Torso Rotations 

Part 2: Activate Bands On!

10e Side Steps 

10 Squats 

10 Supermans

10e Fire Hydrants

Move band to ankles

10e Lateral Leg Drops 

20 Supine Abduction

20 Plank Jacks

Part 3: Bodyweight Chipper 50/40/30/20/10



Jumping Jacks

Walking Lunges

Hi Knees 

Part 4: Core Polish –  3X

10e V Crunch

10e Side Plank Row

10 Low Plank Body Saw

10 Burpees

Part 5: Stretching: 45 seconds each side:

Supine Figure 4

Supine Spinal Twists

Standing Quad Stretch

Standing Calf Stretch