Though being uncomfortable can really suck, I think it’s the part of life that holds the most value. The area outside of our comfort zone is the foundation upon which we build grit and resilience. Warmth did not inspire us to make fire; often it is the worst situation that brings out the best in people.

Whether it’s your first Boot Camp class at 5:30am in the rain, training for a half marathon, killing a junk food habit or putting down your favorite drink, that is the beginning. These are the actions to build upon that, once taken, can catapult us toward our greatest aspirations.

When we start stepping out, we get more comfortable with being uncomfortable. Things that bother most people don’t even phase us. We start perceive our situation differently. We see an opportunity where we saw challenge. We recognize fear as wind in our sails rather than head wind.

Change is not a forward march. It’s more like the Hustle. Small steps back are expected and don’t stop you from moving forward. Side steps, (aka habit replacements), may actually help you find a better path.

None of us know what exactly tomorrow will ask. Ask what you want from tomorrow, regardless of what it asks of you. Be ready by stepping out of your comfort zone, even a little bit, today.

To your health,

Coach Michelle