Are you struggling with a few extra pounds? Do you feel tired all the time? Do you get sick often? Do you love sugar? If you answered yes to the last question then you probably answered yes to one or more of the first 3. Processed sugar intake skyrockets during the holidays, and our immune systems are heavily compromised. When you crave candy or sugar eat fruit and you will get nutrients too! Get the sugar out of your cabinets and out of your belly and you will find a boost in your immune system and a decrease in your waist circumference!sugarno

Sugar consumption seriously inhibits immune function. Almost 25 years ago, an article in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reported that ingesting as little as three ounces of sugar at one sitting significantly inhibits the ability of white blood cells, which are the heart of the immune system, in destroying bacteria and viruses. This applies at all sugars, including fruit juices. This immune suppression starts about 30 minutes after the ingestion of sugar and can last for up to five hours.’

Check out this hidden sugar. You want to max out at 15G per day and these way exceed that in one shot. :/

Fat free yogurt – 17 grams of sugar
Sports drinks – 35 grams of sugar
Energy bar – 20 grams of sugar
Grilled chicken breast with Teriyaki sauce – 30 grams of sugar’
Starbucks drinks:
Grande Latte with nonfat milk – 18 grams of sugar
Grande Vanilla Latte with nonfat milk – 35 grams of sugar
Grande White Chocolate Mocha, nonfat milk NO whip!  58 grams of sugar!!!!

This excerpt from Womens Health Academy will help you understand why sugar is the enemy.

‘Actually, sugar is quite nice as it’s sliding over the taste buds, but that’s where it stops being good. Once in gets into the stomach, it really offers nothing but confusion for the digestive system, and if you don’t work it off right away, it converts to fat.

Sugar has long been considered the most popular sweetener for just about every kind of food or dessert you can imagine, and that’s where the problem lies. We’ve become accustomed to its taste and presence in just about everything from breakfast cereals to canned vegetables.

The truth is that sugar can literally make you sick – it leeches vital minerals and vitamins from the body to help the intestines digest it (no, sugar is not highly digestible in refined form), which leads to compromised bones, teeth, and health of many of our vital organs, including the liver and pancreas. It doesn’t stop there. Excess sugar in our system also throws our body system out of whack. Too much sugar can create an acidic environment in our body, throwing the pH balance off. As a matter of fact, sugar ingestion has long been linked with a multitude of illnesses and disease processes, including but not limited to diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and tooth decay.

However, that’s not all. Diets high in sugar can lead to excessive amounts of nutrients that may be stored as fat if not burned off in a relatively short period of time. Remember however, that there’s a difference between the sugar found in a candy bar and the sugars found in fruits. Table sugar is a dense and concentrated sweet that’s loaded with empty calories. Natural sugars found in fruits are simple sugars like fructose and glucose.

The sugar found in table sugar is called sucrose. Compare the amount of carbohydrates found in an orange (26 grams) with those found in 2 Tbsp. of refined white sugar (24 grams). It must be noted however, that the orange also offers nutritious vitamins and minerals, while the table sugar doesn’t – which is why it’s called an “empty calorie” food.

Excess sugar in the diet leads to the development of kidney stones and hardening of the arteries. Excess sugar forces vital minerals from places where they’re needed to help digest the sugar, which means they can’t do the job they were originally designed to do.

Because your immune system doesn’t have a back-up system in place while it’s busy breaking down sugary foods, you’re left wide open for attack and infection.’

Here is a recipe for a healthy treat that will build you up instead of break you down! 

No refined sugar and no gluten (provided you use gluten free oats).  The older the bananas the sweeter the treat! Your kids will love them and so will their immune systems!


Simply mix it all up and then spoon out a tablespoon on a cookie sheet and bake!

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