Unfortunately there was music on this video that is copyrighted, so you may not hear all of what im saying, but you get the idea! Next time I will pay OUR music, since Chad and I make music! 🙂

For this workout you need dumb bells, jumprope and a sturdy place to step up.

Part 1: Dynamic movement

Part 2:  Get the blood moving

Jumprope 30 seconds 

Skaters 30 seconds

Hi Knees 20 seconds 

Butt Kickers 20 seconds

Part 3: Mixed intervals  

Set 1: 3X

30s Deadlift to front raise

30s each  sit and stand 

30s each Lateral deadlift to press

20s Mountain Runners

20s Press Ups

20s Hop over dumb bells S/S

Set 2: 3X

30s Step Up Curl Press

30s Hot Potato Squats

30s each single leg DL

20s Plank Jacks

20s Monkey Push Ups

20s Hop over dumb bells F/B

Part 4; Stretching 30s each