Jumping rope is a killer way to stay in shape – you can fry up to 1000 calories in an hour… that’s a WHOLE LOT!

The benefits are countless and include increased metabolism & muscle tone, improved coordination & balance, and its excellent for cardio endurance.  I’ve been adding more jump roping all over my workout –  running has been annoying my left hamstring a bit.  I am learning to really love it because of the results it gets; and by mixing it up I keep myself from getting bored. For example, hit intervals of 20 seconds fast as possible skip with 10 seconds easy skip, complete 8 rounds for a 4 minute interval. Repeat 5 round, and in between sprinkle 5 sets of 10 Navy seal ups and 10 mindful burpees or two of any other resistance exercise in your 1000 club. Yields 1 sweaty & happy camper. 🙂

Skipping rope is always done to music with a beat! Feel the rhythm and have fun. In time you will develop good timing and see great results.

🙂 Coach M

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