The TRX Suspension Trainer is a fantastic tool to strengthen the body and challenge proprioception.  The instability of the TRX trainer allows the body to recruit a wider variety of muscle groups than working out with free weights. Take a bent row. The bent row recruits the lats, the delts and the core to support the low back in the bent positions. When you invert the row on the TRX trainer, the glutes and quads become a major player, and the muscles used in the bent row are highlighted to a greater extent.

Depending on your angle, you can pull up to 60% of your body weight on a TRX Trainer, so if you weigh 140 lbs, that gives you up to 85lbs of pulling power. This is a huge advantage for strength training in an outdoor setting. BUT pulling 85 lbs requires some technical specifications. So, lets go there…

These general concepts apply to all rowing on TRX Suspension trainer – low/mid/high/inverted, but i will detail the mid row for today

  1. Position yourself facing the anchor point gripping both handles. The closer your feet are to the anchor point, the greater the percentage of your body weight you will be pulling. If you are new to TRX then start with a lesser angle. 
  2. Place your feet fixed firmly to the ground at hip with apart. The closer your feet are together, the greater challenge for your stabilizing muscles. If you are new to TRX start hip width or wider. Those of you who are advanced can try one foot.
  3. Extend your elbows by lowering yourself away from the anchor point. Keep your shoulder blades both flat on your back and pulling down towards your glutes. Be mindful of your hip position, think inverted plank – one straight line from heel to base of skull.
  4. Keeping your hands at shoulder width apart, rotate your shoulders externally so that your hands are angled at 45˚ – you will see your thumbs higher at the higher line of the angle and your palms will be rotated slightly toward each other making somewhat of an a frame shape.
  5. Harness the power of your lats by pulling your shoulder blades back and down once again, then pull. Your elbows will follow the a frame shape of the hands.
  6. The pull is most effective when you upper arm hits the frontal plane, so stop there. More isn’t always better!!! Stopping here keeps the shoulder in the capsule and helps to ensure that the latissimus dorsi muscles are the prime movers. TRX MID
  7. Slowly release back to inverted plank
    jentry                                                                           Invert plank          

Remember in all we do that HOW we do what we are doing is what matters MOST!

Happy Training, Coach Michelle                                                  

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