Its a no brainer – you do it all the time, right? High plank is basic, but it’s those basics that make us or break us when things get more complex or when we get fatigued. When done properly, a super solid High Plank will not only strengthen your core and arms, it will also promote low back health. As well, it ensures that the progressions of this position, (push ups, burpees, side plank, mountain climbers, ect.)  will make you stronger and help you avoid common injuries.


  1. Begin on your hands and knees. Align wrists at shoulder width and make sure shoulders are directly over wrists, not in front or behind. As well, check the alignment of your knees at hip width and make sure your ankles are as well.
  2. Spread our your finger bones and create a slight external rotation from each shoulder so that the index fingers point directly forward.
  3. Push rigorously into the base of each knuckle so that the full hand is taking the weight as opposed to the wrist.
  4.  With strong, straight arms: curl toes under, firm your core and pelvic floor (those no pee muscles), and then straighten your legs bringing your knees off the ground.
  5. Your goal is to project a clean line from the base of your skull, through your upper back, to your sacrum to your heels, as pictured below.
  6. Continue keeping the pelvic floor lifted and rigorously engage the quadriceps muscles and use the muscles around the base and internal shoulder blades to keep a nice flat upper back.
  7. If you are working High Plank correctly, you will feel a lot of work in the lower abdominal wall.
  8. Watch for these Common mistakes:

Hanging head: pull your head back in space as thought you are trying to make a lot of chins.

• Chin jutting forward: Make sure to spot between your hands so that your neck remains neutral

Sagging hips: This is an indicator that the core is being compensated for. If this problem is too difficult to fix, work plank on your knees. The line from the back of your knees to the base of your skull will be straight.

• Wrists forward of shoulders: This is usually due to lack of core strength and stability. Again, if this problem is too difficult to fix, without compensation work plank on your knees. The line from the back of your knees to the base of your skull will be straight.

NOTE: If holding High Plank causes low back pain, you can use all these cues while remaining on hands and knees and get all of the benefits mentioned above.


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