V Ups are a challenging and, quite honestly, a risky move. Those who have (or have had) low back pain, should consider alternatives to the V Up to build strength while keeping your low back injury free. Progressing to a proper standard V Up takes time and patience. Today we get technical about the details of the elusive V Up and build some core strength and control!


  1. Start on your back with your arms extended above your head along the ground.
  2. Feel the space between your low back and the mat beneath you. Inhale, and when you exhale, use your core strength to close that space.
  3. If your low back feels tension or discomfort at this point, it is an indicator to modify. (try the dead bug toe taps)
  4. As you exhale, sit up while raising your legs. If you have tight hamstrings you will feel a need to bend your knees, and that is acceptable. You can choose to move your arms directly over head, or for added difficulty you can sweep your arms as shown in the video below. This takes the momentum of your arms out of the equation, which makes the work harder on your core.
  5. Complete the motion by touching your toes or shins as you finish the exhale.
  6. Inhale as you lower your torso and legs, landing your hands and feet to the ground simultaneously.
  7. Single leg V ups provide a great alternative to the standard. Simply lift one leg at a time instead of both.
  8. Focus on keeping your neck neutral as you ascend against gravity and descend with it. Keep your jaw relaxed and if possible, pause at the apex of the motion to show your core control!

To your health and your awesome technique, 🙂 Coach Michelle



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