I am so grateful for each of you and to show my appreciation, I’d like to open this Friday and Saturdays boot camp classes to your friends and family for free! Please make sure to fill out the sign up information page, sign a waiver and bring a mat & weights. SCROLL DOWN TO THE BOTTOM TO SEE THE HOLIDAY BOOT CAMP SCHEDULE!

I received this note of thanks from Coach Carrie a couple days ago. The Gumsaba Coaching Staff continues to amaze me. I’m incredibly thankful for the caring, considerate, hard working, talented, bad-ass humans they are and so stoked to be their team mates!    Happy Thanksgiving, Coach Michelle


Let me count the ways…YOU brighten my day 

  1. You introduce yourself to a new camper and hang back on the warm-up run to make him/her feel welcome
  2. You offer to share weights, or an extra mat when a fellow camper realizes they left their stuff in their other car.
  3. You text me the night before when you think you might miss class.
  4. You bring me a flash drive of your favorite music.
  5. You are in a rush after class, but you always ask if I need help cleaning up.
  6.  You carpool to class
  7. You “Bust a Move” when I play Young MC, (and you appreciate the fact I’m never too proud to do the running man). 😉
  8. Your clothes are inside out because you got dressed in the dark.
  9.  You wall-sit with a smile on your face, (for the 3rd time) when I tell you, “find a happy place.”
  10. Your gasping for air after the shuttle run, but you find enough oxygen to high 5 a fellow camper and tell them, “good job.”
  11.  You are a couple minutes late, but you race into the parking lot, honking your horn to assure us you didn’t bail on class.
  12. You show up to 6am boot camp IN YOUR PAJAMAS because your alarm didn’t go off!


There are mornings when I’m only feeling 75% present, but you always make me smile and bump me up to 100%.  You may think you are doing something good for yourself by NOT hitting the snooze button, but what you need to know is that you are also doing so much good for others. Your individual energy is uniquely positive, necessary, and contagious.

Thank you!

Coach Carrie







Thanksgiving Holiday Boot Camp Schedule

Thanksgiving Day – No Boot Camp Classes

Friday 11/24:

6:30AM Los Cerros Danville Boot Camp with Coach James

8:15AM Moraga Boot Camp with Coach Bri

9AM Rudgear Park Walnut Creek Boot Camp with Coach Jentry

Saturday 11/25: 

8:30AM Rudgear Park Walnut Creek Boot Camp with Coach Michael

Check our locations page for driving directions.