Nothing like a juice in the morning to wait you up for a fresh new day! Add a little fiber from the juice process and some nutiva hemp oil  and call it breakfast! Hemp oil has balanced omega ratios and the fiber will help you digest and use the sugar in the veggies. My go to juice is golden beet, carrot romaine turmeric ginger lemon parsley and grapefruit, but I can’t wait to try this zesty pick me up from Natural news

Jet pack juice recipe from

  • One green apple


  • A one inch piece of ginger


  • A one inch piece of turmeric


  • One medium lemon


  • One medium lime


  • One large handful of dandelion greens or kale


  • One small handful of fresh basil leaves


  • A pinch of ground cayenne pepper

This juice recipe can provide a quick shot of energy that naturally stimulates your bowels, brain and body. The combination of chlorophyll, enzymes, vitamin C and circulatory promoting spice gives the body a serious wake up call. Try it first thing in the morning or 15 minutes prior to a meal for more effective digestion.



Why give hummingbirds sugar water? This little guy visits our yard daily for his juice fix! 

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