Today I am writing my marriage vows! Its really exciting to make such a big commitment. Its been a long journey for Chad and I; we met when I found an ad in the Guardian that called for a singer that was influenced by Astrud Gilberto and auditioned for a band he was in.

What a journey we have had,  from making music and playing shows together in our 20’s ( Black Lemonade, Hearts Divided, Mucho Electro) to starting up clothing companies together… its been quite a ride.

He even managed to ride out my black belt and World Tournament journeys; always there to massage me when I’m sore, cook and clean when I’m exhausted, and be a quiet force behind me when I need the extra strength.

Here’s to all the people in our lives we love, and to strengthening our bond with them every day. The process of writing my vows has inspired me to share these thoughts; next month will start a new chapter in my life and I am so glad to be able to share it with all of you!

Love & :),  Coach M