It takes a special person to commit to Outdoor Boot Camp. There are plenty of reasons why not to do the things we should, and they all fall in the category of excuses. That word is like a mosquito to me. Isn’t it time to get out of the box, and get into nature?¬† We humans spend far too many hours indoors at stinky gyms, after working indoors all day! Some people prefer to have their workout neatly packaged with all the comforts of a gym. That is not what we do at Gumsaba; Boot Camp is not for everyone. We get out, get dirty, breath the free air and and have an experience that frees our minds and bodies. That is why I love my clients. I know they are willing to sacrifice a few “comforts” to be outside. Just like I always say on TRX days, the good stuff is on the way OUT .




A match made in Outdoor Boot Camp programing heaven: TRX + Tabata! The technique that TRX requires and the intensity that is the heart and nature of Tabata will call on your full attention to detail so be ready and focused tomorrow. Before I hit this workout tomorrow I will be packing my shoulders, getting plenty of TYI reps in as well as warming up with the Gumsaba 4 minute full body mobility warm up.



Thursday TRX Tabata  Partner Drill

Jog 400M Hip and shoulder Mobility


8 rounds of 20/10 each set: TRX Tabata vs Alternate: one partner does 4 rounds in a row on TRX, then switch and does 4 rounds of alternate exercise.

Set 1: TRX Low Row/Sprinter Start (R L R L)

Set 2: TRX Tri Press Pullover/High Knee Jumprope

Set 3: TRX Power Pull R L R L/Box Jumps

Set 4: TRX Overhead squat /Knees to Elbows


Set 5: TRX Bicep Curl Y Fly /Leg Raises

Set 6: TRX Side Lunge/ Wall Sit Pull Down

Set 7: TRX Pike Tuck/ Toe Taps

Set 8: TRX Single Leg Squat R L R L/ Low plank (hi plank on break)


Cool Down Jog and Stretching with bands