There are only 2 spots left in the first Hit With Power Womens Basics Self Defense seminar of 2020! This decade is going to be HUGE for this division of our company. Our mission is to provide every woman on this planet with self defense knowledge, through our podcast and app that will debut later this year.

Though this seminar will not replace a lifetime of self defense study, a little bit of basic knowledge goes a long way; 2 hours that could save your life are well spent! Sign up HERE – if you don’t get the last 2 spots we have a seminar every quarter, as well as private seminars for groups of 6 or more.

Sign up HERE

Hit With Power Self Defense Seminar

$60 per person

Saturday 01/25/2020 | 1-3PM

Hit with Power seminars are run by 2nd Degree Kung Fu Black Belt and World Champion Full Contact fighter, Michelle Brown. Kung Fu is a Chinese system of Martial Arts that helps potential victims understand how to use the attackers force back against them. This is critical component of self defense for women and girls,  as attackers are often much bigger and stronger than those they choose to attack. Scott, our live male “dummy” assists with the seminar in order to give the ladies a “real world” idea of what it will take to fend off a large male attacker.