For those of you on vacation who asked me to put together a workout – your wish is granted. If you don’t have weights then do the movements as though you do. Hear your coaches in your head cueing your core, firing you up and bringing the best out of you! Happy Sweaty Saturday! To your health, Coach Michelle

All Fired UP – Holiday workout

Part 1: Iso Interval Training

Round 1: 20 Seconds each

Open hip flexors: Runners lunge RT hands on ground inside leg, press tricep and thigh together Align knee ankle and make strong back leg like plank.

Repeat on LT

Fire Up Shoulders & Core: Hi Plank

Heat Up hip joint: Sumo Squat hold

Fire Up Core & Legs: Low Plank

Heat Up Legs: Wall Sit


Round 2 – 20 Seconds each:

Sprinter Start RT

Sprinter Start LT

Hi Plank – 10 seconds R knee to R tricep/10 sec LT to LT

Sumo Squats

Plank Up down

Wall Sit March


Part 2: TABATA Sets


Tabata 1: 20/10 8 rounds

Jumping Jacks



Tabata 2: 20/10 8 rounds 


Man Maker Push Ups (modify with GB Chest Fly or press)



10 Full Sit Ups

10 Thrusters

10 Burpees

10 Bent Rows

10 Tricep Press

10 Walking Lunges with Bicep Curls

10 High Knees


Part 4: Back to TABATA Sets


Tabata 3: 20/10 8 rounds

Skaters vs Step Ups


Tabata 4: 20/10 8 rounds

V Ups (mod with XTTSU) vs Mountain Climbers


JOG 1 Mile


STRETCH: hamstrings, hip, quad, shoulders and do some spinal rotations.

sent to me from Anita and Dave G in Hawaii!

Aloha from Anita and Dave G in Hawaii!