For this super Saturday workout you need a mat, band, dumbbells, jumprope and a sturdy spot to box jumps or step up. I’m not cuing the main part of workout, so you just get to do it with me! Make sure you do the warm up prescribed below, I only show part 3 in the video. To get the full workout you can subscribe to the Gumsaba Patreon page! You can see the new Gumsaba virtual schedule HERE. These classes are open to all Gumsaba members; thank you for your continued support!

See you online, :/ & 🙂 Coach Michelle

Gumsaba Outdoor Boot Camp – Wait a Minute

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Equipment: Mat, Band, Jumprope, Dumb Bells, Sturdy Step Up Spot

Part 1: 10 each 

Calf Raises – Sampson Stretches – Shin Grabs – Torso Rotations

Part 2: Band On Thighs

10e Side Steps 

10 Squats 

10 Supermans

10e Fire Hydrants

Move band to ankles

10e Lateral Leg Drops 

20 Abduction

20 Plank Jacks

10e Side Step 

Part 3: 1 minute each x3



Reverse Lunges

Press Ups

Jumping Jacks

Deadlift to Curl+Press

Box Jumps or Step Ups

Glute Bridge Pullover Fly Combo


Wall Sit 

Part 4: Ab Set 

20/10 3X

Bird Dog Hold (each)

Hi Plank Hold

Hi Plank Cross Taps

Glute Bridge Hold

Ab Burner

Reverse Crunches


Part 5: Jumprope Stretch sequence