You’re crushing the middle of the week like…


Gumsaba DIY: CHIP then HIIT!
Part 1: Warm up with a walk or jog for 5 mins 
Part 2: Activate 10 each, band optional on thighs
Lateral Steps R
Lateral Steps L
Glute Bridge Hip Extensions
Alternating Lateral Leg Drops
Clamshell R
Clamshell L
Part 3:  Chipper Triplets
Set 1: 21/15/9
Bent Rows
Reverse Crunches
Set 2: 21/15/9
Stiff Leg Deadlift
Low Plank Body Saw
Set 3: 21/15/9 (Pairs!)
Mountain Climbers
Part 4: HIIT Sets – Set a timer for 20 seconds work/10 seconds rest, 4 rounds for each set
Set 1: 20/10 4X
Jumprope vs Wall Sit
Set 2: 20/10 4X
Reverse Crunches vs Burpees
Set 3:  20/10 4X
Renegade Rows vs Boat Pose
Part 5: Cool Down Jog & Stretch: Posterior Chain & Shoulders:
Spinal Twists, Hips & Chest static 30 sec/side
Thrive on,
Coach Jentry