Not everyone can walk through life with such a positive, caring, humble heart and kick some serious you know what as a boot camp coach, mother, and friend. Coach Carrie embodies all the qualities of an inspiring, effervescent human being, and today is her birthday. So, in her honor, here’s a HIIT DIY to get your heart pumping and your glutes burning. Now let’s all get down to business and do a collective burpee to toast Coach Carrie on her birthday!


Equipment: Bands, Timer, Jumprope, Mat, Weights

Part 1: Warm Up Dynamic Movement + Cardio 10 minutes

Part 2: Activate 10 each Band on thighs – 1X

Side Steps – Squats – – Hi Knee Pairs – Glute Bridge – Leg Drops – Supermans – Fire Hydrants – Inchworm Push Ups

Part 3: Intervals

Set 1: 3X – No break!

1 minute Jumprope

30 seconds Glute Bridge Flys

20 seconds Mountain Climbers

20 Seconds Plank Jacks

30 Seconds Spring jacks

Set 2: 3X – No break!

1 minute wall sit

20 Seconds Hand Release (at bottom) Push Ups

20 seconds hop hop squat

20 Seconds low Plank Body saw

30 seconds reverse crunches

Part 4: AMRAP

Set 1: 20/10 4X

Renegade Rows

Prisoner Squats

Set 2: 20/10 4X

L Sit Ups

Flutter Kicks

Set 3: 20/10 3X

Sprinter Start R


Side Plank Hold R


Part 5: Rolling Technique: Piriromis & Soleus

Thrive on,

Coach Jentry