In a series of consistent, positive steps over time, you have the potential to make a huge impact on your life. You’ve most likely experienced this first-hand – in working toward achieving a desired goal, you have noticed that over time you become stronger, more agile, more confident…whatever it may be. But it takes time. For those of us who want to see changes right away, it may be discouraging if results aren’t instantaneous. But, be patient my friends. Building good habits over time, and sticking to them (consistency is queen!) will pay off. Once you’ve established what you want to achieve and why, remember to keep the faith, imagine how you will feel once you’ve achieved your goal, and keep your curiosity up front along with your excitement. They are great companions on the ride.

Gumsaba DIY Chip and Run
Part 1: Warm up with dynamic movement and 10 minutes of steady state cardio
Part 2: Band On thighs, perform 1 round
10 Squats
10 Bent Rows
10 Curl to Push Press
10 GB Hold + Fly
10 Leg Drops
10 Supermans
20 Skaters
Part 3: Chip and Run 
Set 1: Chip 20/16/10
Alternating Reverse Lunges + Rotation: Hold one weight and rotate toward front leg
Sumo Hi Pull
Reverse Crunches
Low Plank Knee Tucks
Set 2: Chip 15/10/5
Stiff Leg DL
Push Ups
Glute Bridge Pullover
V Ups
Set 3: Chip 12/10/8/6/4
Box Jumps (mod alternating step ups)
Get Ups
Part 4: Core Cardio Intervals  20/10 3X
Mountain Climbers
Side Plank Hold R
Side Plank Hold L
Flutter Kicks
Part 5: Cool Down half mile jog & stretch with Jump rope
Thrive on,
Coach Jentry