Hope you caught the Niner game today – it was AWESOME! I was channeling a bit of the Carol (my late Mom) today watching the turnovers and surprising plays. If you think I’m loud at class you ain’t heard nothin’ from this sports fan! I’m thinking the Sea Hawks best fly because the Niners are coming to ROOST! Enjoy the workouts tomorrow – though you won’t be as sore as last Monday you will definitely feel this one! :) COACH Mbird

One of a few awesome shots chad got on our Las Trampas Ridge hike Friday.


Gumsaba Boot Camp Class schedule Monday 1/13/14

5:30AM Womens only Sunrise class – Coach Briana – 1000 club 10ex/10ea/10X

5:30AM Sunrise Danville Mens only class – Coach Allen

6AM Sunup Moraga Womens only Class – Coach Michelle – TRX Sunrise Muscular Endurance

8:15AM Sunrise Moraga Womens only Class – Coach Michelle – TRX Sunshine Muscular Endurance

9AM Sunshine Walnut Creek Womens only class – Coach Briana – 1000 Club 10ex/10ea/10X

11:30PM Cytosport Boot camp Lite Benicia – Coach Michelle (private class) – 700 Club 7ex/10ea/10X

12:30PM Cytosport Boot camp Benicia – Coach Michelle (private class) – 1000 Club ex/10ea/10X