The saying “take a deep breath” is no accident. Our breath links the inside and outside world and we can use it to tune into what is going on inside of us. The sensual stimulations in life are what we are naturally drawn to please, touch, taste, see, hear, feel. We know so much about what is going on outside – but what about the inner universe? 

When we slow down and focus on our inner being we feel what we would never feel, see what we could never see and learn what we would usually miss. We begin to appreciate the beauty in the detail of us.  It’s easy to get churned up in the rat race pace of society, and then before you know it, you’ve marched your way down a road you didn’t intend and the past is a blur.

This metaphor could apply to any endeavor big or small; a relationship issue, a battle with weight, a life threatening illness, a movement in a workout, or even something as simple as a sip of tea. When we slow down and appreciate the undertones and the subtle nuances of life, we learn more about ourselves and our reality. We catch up to who we really are and realize that life is in many ways, much more simple when we seek the stillness.

The first step to resolution of any conflict is to accept reality without judgement of it. When we dress up reality (or dress it down for that matter), we distort our path. We build our neat little road around the obstacles, but eventually the obstacles grow too large and we run out of energy and resources for their avoidance. It is always better to deal with a problem before it becomes too big to deal with. Fear will want to get in the way, but the more we challenge ourselves to face fear the smaller fear becomes.

There is stillness inside of us, a pause that does not exist in the outside world. You can’t touch, taste, see, hear or feel it, so many people never find it. It is a place to focus our energy inward. When we accept reality, regardless of its form, we start the journey in. We let go of what we are supposed to be, what we were, and what we want, and we learn about who we are. We realize that all things are impermanent and we are but a small part of a larger good

Take a moment today.  Close your eyes and sit with yourself. Focus on the beauty of your breath, your heartbeat and acknowledge the magic that is your human body. Don’t worry about the have and have not. Just be; enjoy the pause, seek where the stillness lives.


Some meditation resources thanks to Wild Mind. 

  • ABC-of-Meditation is a meditation information and news portal with articles on meditation basics, background, postures and techniques.
  • Buddhanet contains a lot of excellent information on Theravadin practice.
  • Breathworks Meditation and pain management
  • Caring Awareness has Buddhist meditations to help release and reduce stress as well as a community section with over 150 free Dharma talks and meditations.
  • Clear Vision: online resources for meditation (and Buddhism) foryoung people and schools.
  • How to meditate has instructions in mantra meditation.
  • Hither and Yon Tibetan Crafts
  • Meditation eBook by David Smith (PDF, 948kb)
  • The KindSeat is an innovative meditation bench that’s adjustable in height, and that can easily be adjusted to suit your body shape and size.
  • Meditation is easy is an Indian website with some very useful tips on meditation.
  • Meditation Station an excellent site teaching many meditation techniques.
  • The Metta Foundation “It is the mission of the Metta Foundation to foster the convergence of wisdom born of traditional meditative stillness and compassion born of human encounter.”
  • Mindfulness in Action offers Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction workshops, as well as mindfulness training and workshops for individuals and organizations.
  • Mindful Workshops, run by Buddhist teacher Saddhamala (Nancy Nicolazzo), offers personal and corporate coaching.
  • A site is designed to assist people who are interested in the integration of psychotherapy and medical therapies, for their own well being , for the purpose of enhancing the therapeutic relationship or to improve the quality of clinical interventions.
  • Relaxation reviews is an independent guide to relaxation tapes, CDs, MP3s & online relaxation audio.
  • Terminal Thoughts Pieces written by Jos Kingston, a former Wildmind student who wrote about living with a terminal illness before passing away in February 2007. Check out her article on “Enjoyment of breathing, handling pain, and pragmatic meditation.”
  • Vipassana Dhura Meditation Society making the teachings of insight meditation available to anyone who seeks a way out of suffering
  • Vipassana meditation website one of the most widespread forms of meditation practice
  • World Wide Online Meditation Center A user-friendly site, created to provide clear, straight-forward meditation instruction to people anywhere on the planet.
  • Zafu! Zafu! is an online Canadian retailer selling their own handmade meditation cushions, benches and mats, as well as yoga supplies. They ship from coast to coast across Canada.
  • Zen Stitchery offers traditional and western-style meditation clothing, monks bags and meditation cushions. These are authentically sewn according to traditional Japanese sewing methods.
  • Ziji Meditation Supplies offers a wide selection of meditation supplies – cushions, altars, incense, and more.

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