Class numbers have been record high this week! You guys are rocking and really pushing for more from yourselves and each other. Remember the harder you push the more you need to pay attention to mobility and rest. 

Today is January 15th. We are 1/24th of the way through 2014. All of you have a lot to show for it, so keep going strong and stick with your awesome resolutions! I believe in you and you can DO IT!

Enjoy the workout tomorrow and don’t forget the Saturday class runs at Rudgear park every week – 8:30AM.





Gumsaba Boot Camp Class schedule Friday 1/17/14

5:30AM Sunrise Danville Womens only class – Coach Michelle – Relay Circuit!

5:30AM Sunrise Danville Mens only class – Coach Allen

6AM Sunup Moraga Womens only Class – Coach Briana – Core Informer & HIIT Metabolic

8:15AM Sunrise Moraga Womens only Class – Coach Briana – Relay Circuit!

9AM Sunshine Walnut Creek Womens only class – Coach Matt – AMRAP Attack

11:30PM Cytosport Boot camp Lite Benicia – Coach Michelle (private class) Relay Ciruit

12:30PM Cytosport Boot camp Benicia – Coach Michelle (private class) RELAY!