This DIY is focused on full body muscular endurance. I’ve attached some videos for your reference…we will be filming tons of new videos in the coming weeks to update the Gumsaba library. Expect some fun new moves and better access to all of our DIYs in the coming months.  Please let me know if you do this DIY and how you liked it.  🙂 Coach M

Gumsaba DIY Boot Camp – Countdown & Core Intervals

You’ll need a band, jumprope, dumb bells, mat, timer and a treadmill or open space to run

Part 1: Gumsaba Ready to workout roll out

Part 2: Warm up & Activate 

Part 2A: Walk, Jog, Bike or Row for 5 minutes at a low/moderate tempo

Part 2B: Band on thighs, 1X


10 Leg Drops

10 Fire Hydrant R/10L

10 Supermans

10 Squats 

10e Band Lateral Shuffle

20 Band Butt Kickers

20 Band Hi Knees

Part 3: Countdown 16/14/12/10/8/6/4/2 – each round remove 2 reps.


Alternating Lateral Lunges

Pull Through Knee Tucks

Alternating Squat + Sprinter

Alternating Split Raises

Jumprope (X10 = 160,140,120 and so forth)

Part 4: Mixed Core Interval (s=seconds)

20s Low Plank 

10s  Yogi Bicycles

10s Fast Bicycles

10s REST

20s Boat Pose

10s REST

20s Hi Plank

10s Side Plank Hold L

10s Side Plank Hip Drop L (TINY movement from neutral)

10s Side Plank Hold R

10s Side Plank Hip Drop L (TINY movement from neutral)

10s REST

20s Flutter Kicks 

20s Ab Burners

20s GB Pulse

20s GB Hold

10s Rest

Repeat 2X

Part 5: Myofascial Releases

Gluteus Medius Release

Chest Release

Recovery Posture 3-5 Minutes