First, I want to thank you for committing to take this journey. All too often, fear of failure prevents a first step, and the journey never begins. So let’s start by admitting that no one is perfect. There is not one road to our success. Greatness is achieved when we overcome the obstacles that seemed insurmountable, no matter if we falter along the way. All we need to be is real and be honest so that we can become the best version of ourselves. 

As we jump on board the ship that is this January 2021 together, we leave behind some of the coping mechanisms we have made into unhealthy habits. We have taken the hard step of admitting the issue, now we are choosing to board without them. As they drift away day by day, we move forward with the intention and we are free of their weight. 

This will likely be difficult and at times uncomfortable. It’s expected that we miss the habits that have become a part of us. Let’s look for something better to put in their place and ready ourselves for that inevitability. 

This is your first task: when your mind brings you back to your habit, have a replacement. I will disclose my intentions to help you better navigate yours. Please feel free to comment below if you want to share. 

My nightly glass(es) of wine will be replaced with reading time and a range of loose teas and home made juices. Instead of checking the news as soon as I wake, I will drink a glass of warm water and turn on some music. I will intentionally refocus my negative thoughts into gratitude for my healthy body. 

I’m here to give you some balance when the inevitable waves hit our boat. I don’t know it all, but I know we are stronger together and I also believe in you. Teamwork makes the dream work. 

This month of our lives will be lived with more intention and grit. I’m excited to do this journey with amazing people that I truly love. It’s an honor to be your captain. 


 🙂 M