Hello Gumsaba Family!!

Thank you all for your time, effort, sweat, grunts, grit, competitive attitude and team work all these years !! I have become so close with so many of you and could not have asked for a better Bootcamp to be apart of. Gumsaba will always be my family. I appreciate the patience everyone had when I first started out and I know Ricky, TJ, and Sabrina will get the same treatment. No better Outdoor Bootcamp to work at or workout in thats for sure!!

Thank you all for being super supportive as I move to Boise for this new adventure. It was not an easy decision to make, that’s for sure. Thank you Karen and Micheal for covering me when I needed it most, and showing me true bootcamp camaraderie! And thank you Boss Lady Michelle for hiring me and helping me become more knowledgeable in this profession than ever before and changing people’s lives!! You are truly a master at your craft! 

Love Gumsaba from the bottom of my heart! 

You can still catch me on those At-Home Gumsaba Pandemic YouTube clips if you miss me ;) hope to see you at a class when I come back to visit ! xoxo 

Much love,