The Gash family of danville is close friends with some of our Sunrise Campers and recently lost their home to a fire. As a gesture of support our camp pulled together and bought them some little things that, in this unfortunate time, we knew they would not replace themselves.

The community around us is just as important as we are, and supporting those who have had tragedies like this is what makes us all feel good. I wanted to share this note with everyone so you could all enjoy their appreciation of our little gesture.

Though i dont know Mrs. Gash personally, i know her through some very AWESOME people in my life. She must be a great lady if she is friends with my campers! AND, she wrote he little note on Eco-friendly stationary, so she scored points with me! :)

Thanks to Stacy Roach for being a great friend to the Gash’s and giving this gift to their family on behalf of the Sunrise camp. I am honored to work with such a kind and thoughtful group of ladies!