My mother Carol Brown, passed on May 28th 2011. Yesterday would have been her 59th birhtday, and was 6 month anniversary of her passing. My mom loved the holidays, so to pay homage to her, we decided to decorate our home for the holidays this year. She had an amazing and unparalleled collection of both antique and new glass ornaments, so it was easy to make our little 4′ 1960’s aluminum tree look fabulous with them.

One great thing about our tree, among others, is that it is recycled! I was made in the 60’s and has been used by several other families before ours. I bought it on ebay for $160, and it is the last Christmas tree I will ever buy. My mom always liked the silver tip pine (real trees) but the sap would ruin some of her best ornaments. Our little tree picks up light so well, is easily packed in its 2′ box, and is just really sweet. I think my mom would be proud of it. Its hard to express how much some of these ornaments meant to my mom, I thought she would love it if I shared some of her favorites with my favorite people… you!

Wishing you peace, joy and love this holiday, and every day!