We don’t like to imagine what it would be like to live in a factory farm. The smell, the confinement, the sickness, the injections, the super speed growth and lack of exercise are just a slice of the daily torture factory farmed animals endure. It is truly enough to keep me vegan forever without even glancing back!

Many animals in Factory Farms are discarded into “dead piles” while still alive because they are too expensive to nurse to health (which usually costs less than $10, but they aren’t even worth that much alive).  Though this is unfortunate and  bothersome, it is true and its happening right now. Factories see these animals as profits and losses, I see them as souls and lives in need.

Adoption CertificateThankfully there are places like Farm Sanctuary who have dedicated their existence to helping the animals that Factory Farms don’t want to spend their time or money on. Every year Farm Sanctuary opens its doors for the Dinner FOR the Turkeys and also the Adopt A Turkey Program. If you love animals and you have a few dollars to spare, please consider adopting a Turkey. Having held and fed the live turkeys at FS several times I can say that they are sweet, amazing, beautiful and silly animals that need love just as much as any living being.


Whether you eat Turkey or not (heck, especially if you do!) care for one of the animals that suffered to make our lives richer. I truly believe that this is the least we can do to make the circle of life complete. If you adopt before 11/25 super sponsor Ady Gil will adopt another on your behalf!

Think you know Turkey? think again! Check out these 10 little known facts.

Thank you for being the kind, dedicated and mindful people you are. You have all touched my heart and if just one of you helps a turkey this holiday season I will be a better person! Please post if you adopt.  :) Coach M