Many of us use the Las Trampas Ridge for a great workout. Unfortunately some JERK thinks its a good idea to rape women up there. Let’s be prepared when we use it.

His description is below, along with a description of the scenario. I also want you to remember what i have taught you:


• Running with headphones is a BAD idea

• Don’t run in the hills alone

• Carry pepper spray

• BE AWARE of what is around you!

• Take the Gumsaba PRACTICAL SELF DEFENSE 101 in January – details coming soon.

• Study Martial arts!



On 12-12-12 at about 1530 hours, the victim was hiking on the Madrone Trail at the Las

Trampas Regional Wilderness. As the victim was walking, she passed a male walking his

dog in the opposite direction. All of a sudden from behind she felt someone pull her hair,

pulling her down to the ground. The suspect then pinned the victim on her back. The

suspect pulled down the victim s pants and penetrated her with his penis. The suspect

then stood up and fled in an unknown direction. The victim provided the following

description of the suspect:


A white male in his early forties. He had short light brown hair, clean shaven, a pointed

nose, with light olive complexion. He had a medium/average build, about five foot ten

inches tall, and weighed about one hundred and eighty pounds.


The suspect was wearing a tan and cr me button up shirt that resembled a bowling

shirt. He had on blue jeans, dark colored tennis shoes, and a silver colored watch on his

left wrist.


The victim described the dog he was walking as a heavy set, medium sized, brown and

white dog. It had short hair with one ear up and the other down. The victim was unable to

determine a breed.


If you have any additional information or similar cases, please call Detective Bermudez

at 510-690-6562