I think we can all agree that California is awesome. From sun to snow and mountain range to beach, it is a melting pot of great weather, beautiful landscape and shiny happy people! With all this beauty comes some risk; and after all, natural disasters are a part of life, right? Though worrying is sometimes tempting, I believe its better to use that energy to be prepared for whatever we can; only then do we have a better chance of dealing with a catastrophic event when and if one occurs. Being prepared is never a bad thing!

Northern California usually has a big shaker every 150 years. We are due for one and with all the events in Japan, I feel propelled to finish my earthquake safety kit, (that’s been about 10 years in the making). If you have been thinking of putting a quake kit together, now would be a great time. Don’t be paranoid, be prepared!

Visit this link to find out how you can be ready for a big quake in California.