There are so many special Gumsaba Boot Campers; you are a group of genuinely wonderful people all with exceptional attitudes and capabilities. Its truly difficult to chose just one camper to highlight each month. Everyone has their time to shine though, and right now its shining on Karen Silverman of the Womens only Sunrise Camp!

Karen is a dedicated mother of  three exceptional teenagers and her career accomplishments are impressive.  Karen now works with low income families as an LCSW for Kaiser in Antioch, where she helps them solve major issues with therapy. On top of her career and family, Karen is closing in on her Black Belt in Bok Fu Do. I’ve witness this woman at workouts at 10pm Wednesday night, performing strenuous martial arts for 2+ hours, only to have her mosey up at 5:30 am to the SUNRISE CLASS the next day for a core workout!I’m not saying shes crazy, Im just saying she is not normal, in a good way of course. 🙂

Congrats Karen, you earned it!