Its really hard to choose just one of you to highlight every month! There has been so much progress across the board class attendance has been great. Congrats to Deirdre C. of the Danville Sunrise Boot Camp – You are in the spotlight this month!



Deirdre has been with Boot Camp since before the days of Gumsaba, over 4 years, and has recently upped her game BIG TIME, ¬†challenging herself to a much higher level of fitness. Deirdre was part of the 23 person Tough Mudder team that finished the NOR CAL TAHOE TOUGH MUDDER on 9/22/12. She trained extra hard, attending the Gumsaba Tough mudder training sessions, adding in extra hikes and just making an overall excellent effort at Boot Camp. It was such a wonderful thing to witness the evolution of all the people that trained for Gumsaba Tough Mudder Team, but Deirdre’s positive attitude and uplifting spirit was really inspirational. ¬†Congrats on your big accomplish Deirdre, both in finishing Tough Mudder and in challenging yourself to train hard and be ready. Its a huge victory and you should be proud!