Adrienne Bloom is a member of the Sunshine Womens only class, and she has been with the boot camp since long before I bought it, well over 5 years! Adrienne believes that boot camp has really changed her into the person she knew she could be. She is incredibly giving, thoughtful and full of life; she is a friend to both people and animals. As an avid dog lover, she prides herself on being the best Dog mommy she can be! Her two Golden Retrievers Carmel and Sargent love her more than life itself.

Every summer Adrienne brings one or both of her nieces to Boot Camp; this year her niece Hannah rode with us in the Fourth of July parade. She has to be the coolest Auntie ever. :)

Congratulations Adrienne, you are in the spotlight this month; lets hear it for a great lady with a GUMSABA sized heart of GOLD!