Today, we are playing with Bow Pose, one of my favorite poses.  It’s certainly not easy and it may take some practice and patience to really get into this pose.  Once you find your rhythm and your breath, you may come to love it for its emotional, physical and spiritual benefits.


Bow Pose or Dhanurasana (don-your-AHS-ana)

  • Transition from Cobra Pose by lowering your chin and chest back down onto your mat.
  • Kick your heels toward your glutes.
  • Reach your arms back and capture the outer (pinky toe side) of your ankles.
  • Inhale into Bow Pose.
  • Press your ankles into your hands and come onto the soft part of your belly.
  • Flex your feet to stabilize your ankle and knee joints.
  • Lift your heart toward the sky.
  • Tuck your tailbone down.
  • Firm your abdominal wall.
  • Roll your shoulder blades down your back and toward each other.
  • Gaze forward and lengthen the back of your neck.
  • Draw your knees toward your midline to keep your thighs parallel.
  • Hold and breathe for several rounds of breath.


  • For individuals with tender knees, keep your thighs on your mat and reach toward your heels. Even if you can’t grab a hold of your ankles, this will still create a gentle quad stretch.
  • If you can’t quite grasp your ankles, use a strap or rolled up towel as an extension of your arms. Bring your strap/towel around your ankles.  Continue to keep your ankles and knees hip-width distance apart.  Flex your feet.
  • For individuals with lower back injuries, this pose may be best to avoid.




  • Bow Pose Dhanurasana opens our heart chakra, Anahata, and thus expands our emotional and subtle body experience. When Anahata is in balance, we connect with others through our higher selves – our compassion and wisdom.  We create an atmosphere of oneness.  We are more expansive.  Boundless love proliferates and all that divides us dissolves.


  • Practicing Bow Pose Dhanurasana gives impetuous to our spiritual awakening. When we open our physical and energetic bodies, we shine more brightly from within.


Coach Jentry


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5:30AM Sunrise Danville Mens class – Coach Joel – Met Con Monday

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