It seems like we are always being sold CANDY these days! Especially this time of year, but when you think about it, from Valentines day to Easter to Girl Scout Cookie season to Halloween and the holidays, they want us to buy and eat their JUNK. I hear it constantly at camp, the post crap food and sweets regret speech. Its time to say NO to all that crud. Your body is too special to compromise your immune system and let a weak cause bring you down. Step away from the candy bowl. Put down that “mini” whatever – and its no longer a mini when you eat 4 or 12 or whatever!

Here are some great reasons to avoid added sugar, and some delicious not so nasty, non addictive and non immune suppressing alternatives for your sugar cravings that nourish rather than steal from your body. As well, buying and having halloween candy around is a bad idea. I give out temporary tattoos with little witches on them and rubber balls that look like eye balls. Kids love them because they are different. I don’t want to suppress any little kids immune system either!

PLEASE don’t make excuses and say to yourself , “Im just going to have one” or its “just a cheat treat” because you’re kidding yourself. That is NOT how sugar works. You can live a good, even spectacular life without a piece (or 12) of candy. I promise. Never make excuses about things you can fully control! You are better than that.  Live true to yourself and keep that junk out of your house! Soon you will find a new definition to the word treat, and it will be much more fulfilling than a piece of %$#*ing candy!



Boot camp is much more gratifying that candy on HALLOWEEN! Join us for our third annual Spooktastic Halloween workout this Friday and saturday at all classes! Its free to all first time campers as long as they are in costume.

DIY WORKOUT: Strength In Numbers!

Warm up well for 5 mins

PART 1: 3 rounds – 10 reps each

Walking Lunge with hip extension

Military Press

Single Leg Row R

Single Leg Row L

Stiff Leg Deadlifts

Wall Sit with Half Hammer Curl A

3 rounds

Jog or Row 200 M

PART 2: 2 rounds – 16 TOTAL reps each


Step up with Abduction of non stepping leg at top of step

Bent Row

Triceps Kickback

Plank Up Downs

Knees to Elbows

2 rounds

Jog or Row 400M

PART 3: 3 rounds – 10 TOTAL reps each

Push Ups

GB Hip Ext R

GB Hip Ext L

Side Plank with Row extension R

Side Plank with Row extension R

Leg Raises

Jog 200M

Part 4: Glute & AB Blaster 20/10 intervals


Ab Burner


Low Plank

Mountain Climbers

2 rounds

Cool down LAP

STRETCH 5 – 10 mins

Gumsaba Outdoor Fitness Class schedule Tuesday 10/28/14:

5:30AM Sunrise Danville Womens only class – Coach Michelle – TRX LIIT – HIIT Intervals

5:30AM Sunrise Danville Mens only class – Coach Joel – Strength & Power Circuit

6AM Sunup Lafayette Co-Ed class – Coach Jentry – Strength & Power Circuit

9AM Sunshine Walnut Creek Womens class – Coach Michelle – TRX LIIT – HIIT Intervals

11:30PM Cytosport Strength Training & Power – Coach Briana (private class)

12:30PM Cytosport Power Yoga – Coach Jentry (private class)