Today marks a year that Chad and I have been married! All of you made our trip possible, with your generous gifts and very thoughtful engagement party.

To celebrate, I put together this fun DIY! 🙂

Though all you really need is love, for this workout it will help to have a mat, a 5-10 Lb weight for the jump lunge and swing, and your interval timer application.

Warm up properly with dynamic stretching like we do in class ( light jog or walk and 2 rounds of 10/10/10).

There are 10 exercises, click on them for examples if needed. You will do 50 seconds of work, with 10 seconds of rest/switch to next exercise.

Do the group of 10 exercises 3 times through for a total of 30 rounds/minutes.

Jump Lunge Swing

Plank Up downs

Navy Seal Ups

No Hands Get Ups

Mountain Runner

Side Step Up Left

Side Step Up Right

Sunfish Left Side

Sunfish Right side

Double Toe Touch Leg Raise