Challenge Day 4: How much protein do I need? 

Protein is a major component in the building and repairing of tissues. It also composes enzymes and hormones and is the foundation of bones, soft tissue, skin and blood. 

The RDA recommends .08 grams per kilo gram as the minimum protein a sedentary adult needs to remain healthy. Harvard Health recommends 1.2 to 1.6 grams per kilo gram for weight loss and many other health benefits. Increased protein consumption can help:

• Reduce waist circumference and overall weight loss
• Reduce triglyceride levels
• Reduce blood pressure
• Improve cardio-metabolic risk factors
• Manage a range of diseases, including Type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndromes and sarcopenia

It has also been reported that a daily intake of of >2 g/kg of body weight can lead to health problems including:

• High cholesterol, often associated with the consumption of too much saturated fat.
• Gastrointestinal system issues, including diarrhea and constipation
• Kidney problems, including kidney stones and kidney disease
• Increased risk of age-related diseases, including heart disease and cancer

Below are two examples of moderately active adults (exercise regularly 2-3x a week). Those who are rigorously active (5+ days a week and higher intensity) may benefit by increasing protein: 1.4g/kg (women) or 1.6 g/kg (men). Children generally need about 1 g/kg of protein. Let me know if you need help on these calculations. 

Moderately Active*
180 lbs
82×1.2=98G required per day

Moderately active*
Desires weight maintenance/loss
57×1=57 protein required per day

*Those who are rigorously active (5+ days a week and higher intensity) may benefit by increasing protein: 1.4g/kg (women) or 1.6 g/kg (men). 

There are many wonderful ways to get plant protein that add another dimension to your nutrient intake and flavor palette. Should you be choosing plant based protein only, complementary proteins are important to understand. Click here for my savory tofu snack recipe at  heading of this post, and  click here for some high protein plant based recipe ideas.

Cheers on Day 4, keep on keepin’ on! 

Coach M