Congratulations to all of you for completing the Gümsaba Holiday Challenge. It was so much fun, you all did some AMAZING stuff!

There were 6 people who turned in a full food log. Because the food/exercise log was worth 400 possible points, this put them in the lead just for turning it in.

Congratulations to Courney Mathews of the Rudgear class on a great win and some serious effort during the past 6 weeks. She stepped outside of her box the farthest and did everything she could possibly do to better herself during the challenge. Courtney, you should feel very proud of your accomplishments – all of you should.

There were some close races, Debbie Forsberg of the Danville Class trailed by only about 30 points, with Deb Blumhardt, Deb Grauman, Lisa Wood and Kristin Ritterbush hot on their tails.

This was fun for me because it made me realize (even more so) that I work with people who not only practice health and fitness for themselves, they live to be more compassionate, loving and giving every day.

You are all a part of the victory within the challenge, you inspire each other every day to be better, its an amazing experience to be a part of.