Happy Monday!!!

Today’s workout is 3 doublets which will each be repeated for 3 rounds.

Reach for a great time on the first of each SET, and then try and maintain that time.

Here we go…

SET 1:
• 10 Burpees

• 20 Flys

• 150 jumprope skips (in class we did one suicide, so if you can set that up that can sub for the rope skips.

• Do 3 rounds of Set 1.

SET 2:

• 10 Jackrabbits (jump fwd into squat, hop back twice) keep weight in heels when landing into squat

• 20 dips or standing (tri press with weight for wrist issues)

• 200 M run

Do 3 rounds of SET 2.

SET 3:

• 10 hop switch lunge (total 5 each leg) Keep weight in front heel, not toe.

• 20 Push press

• 400M run

Do 3 rounds of Set 3

Playlist on this rocking Monday includes: Jump – Van Halen, Girl You Want – Devo, Back in Black – ACDC, Hello Again – The Cars, One thing leads to another – the Fixx, Gimmie Shelter – Rolling Stones, Dead Mans Party – Oingo Boingo, Mysterious Ways – U2, Need You Tonight – INXS.

Keep on Rockin! :) Coach M