You have 1 calendar month to finish the exercise(s) you choose! This month, we will focus on core and upper body strength, you will need to do 33 reps per day to finish.

Navy Seal Ups


Gecko Plank Pairs 

L Sit Ups

V Crunches (1000 each side) 

Sumo Squat Side Lift (each squat counts as one rep)

Kettle Bell Swings

Plank Up Downs

Commando Push Up

Leg Raises


Pull Overs – we have been doing these on the stability ball in class. I do not have a video yet – when one is up i will post.

Leg Drops

If there are other exercises you would like to do, please run it by your coach so we make sure you aren’t doing something that could hurt you.


Post your commitment in the comments below, or on our do 1000 facebook page.